Tuesday, July 24, 2007

STUDY OF THE hondô (kyakuden, hôjô) OF RINZAI ZEN SECT BUDDHIST TEMPLES IN KYÔTO, IN THE EARLY EDO PERIOD (1596~1681) The Development and Changes in t


In the early part of the Edô period, from Keichô 1 (1596) to Enpô 9 (1681) the number of Rinzai zen sect tacchûs (memorial cloisters) in Kyôto increased. The sanctuary and veranda of several memorial cloisters were reformed.
On the basis of restoration, the purposes of this study will attempt to clarify the developments and changes in the typical plans of memorial cloisters, during the early part of the Edô period. From the restoration plans, it is possible to deduce the reason for change and trace the various development.
Previously, the other studies has been conducted, as seen at references is form of the resultant reconstruction plans of sanctuary and veranda in the mid-Edô period, from Genroku 6 (1693) to Kansei 9 (1797), and in the late Edô period, from Bunka 4 (1807) to Kaei 7 (1854). The interrelated both of these studies is to know the development and changes of type of plans of sanctuary and veranda during the Edô period (1596~1868).
The development and change of the sanctuary appeared from the early Edô period until the mid-Edô period. The reason for this is a need to accommodate the placement of carved statues of the cloisters founders. Based on the arrangement of verandas, it is evident thet the placement of a 1 ken veranda at the left or right sides of a building was related to fixed of entrance hall and temple kitchen. Further more, most of the saya no ma encompass remnents of the 1 ken veranda. The reason for the change was to redifine the veranda’s function as a resting area during religious services.

*) Ir. Antariksa, MEng., PhD., lecturer at Department of Architecture, faculty of Enggineering Brawijaya University.

Antariksa, 2001, Study of the hondô (kyakuden, hôjô) of Rinzai Zen Sect Buddhist Temples in Kyôto, in the Early Edo Period (1596~1681), -The Development and Change in the Typical Plans of the Sanctuary and Veranda-, Media Teknik, Fakultas Teknik Universitas Gadjah Mada, No. 1 Th. XXIII Edisi Februari, hlm. 3-14. ISSN: 0216-3012